We believe that literacy is the foundation for all learning and that basic literacies must include reading, writing, numeracy & digital literacy skills, to ensure that all adults & children have equal access and opportunity in the 21st Century.
What We Do
Literacy For Life is a global initiative, building sustainable solutions to address illiteracy amongst both adults and children which are relevant, appropriate to local language and culture, which can scale to meet the size of the challenge.
Use the Chekhov tool to write and record a dynamic eBook which can be used by learners across the globe to develop their literacy skills anytime, anywhere - even when there is no literate adult available to assist them.
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Would you like to partner with us? By joining and funding Literacy For Life you can leverage this solution to address illiteracy amongst people around the world for a program of your choice or participate in one of our programs. Get in touch to partner with us.
Kenya Pilot
On January 2015, Terawe departed on a journey to deploy Chekhov (a Windows 8 Authoring Solution) and launch a pilot in a partnership with World Vision at Kirindon, Kenya. This initiative is focuses on creating locally relevant content in Swahili for early grade students. READ MORE
Lesotho Pilot
As part of exploring the best ways to advance literacy and education in the developing world, we launched our first pilot in 2014 at Lesotho to create content in their local language, Sesotho. Here the approach is to use low cost Nokia phone devices to create eBooks.
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