All you need is an idea
The Chekhov web app is incredibly simple to use. All you need to start making dynamic stories is an idea! Once you know what your story is going to be about, you can publish it to Chekhov's growing audience in six easy steps:
Chekhov Tutorial
Choosing a Template
When making your story, you have four templates to choose from
Name your Story
Every story should start off with a good name. Here's where you add yours.
You can add a new story any time from the My Stories page
Once you click "New Story", a story will be created for you and you will be directed to the Edit Story page. There you can add your story name and save
Adding information about your book
Here you can add author name and information, as well as a short description of your story.
You can edit your story information any time from the My Stories page, just click the information [ ] icon
On the edit information page, you can add your author name, story description and story logo image. You can also set your story publishing options.
Write text, add images and recording
Using the template you selected, you can now add the content of your story.
You can edit your story content any time from the My Stories page, just click the edit [ ] icon
On the edit story page, you can add all your content for your story.

On the top bar you will be able to see template options (if using the standard template) or text options (if using the advanced template).

On an Advanced Template page, choose image first and then, touch or click, hold and drag to create a text box. You will also be able to see the page record and word record toggle modes.

Finally, you will see the list of your pages and the add page button.
Preview your book
Take a look at how your finished story will appear to Chekhov users and make any final changes.
You can preview your story any time from the My Stories page, just click the preview [ ] icon
When you preview your book, you'll see it exactly how other readers will. You'll be able to navigate through every page, listen to your recordings and see all your added content.
Publish your book to Chekhov
Submit your book to the Chekhov collection.
You can publish your story any time from the My Stories page, just click the publish button. Your story will then be validated, and if it passes you can add a publishing note and publish!
When you publish your book, our talented reviewers will take a look at your story for typos, readability and recording accuracy. If they come across any issues, they'll send a note back to you so you can make any needed changes and publish again.

Once the reviewers have approved your book, it will become available in the Windows and Windows Phone Stores!
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