In partnership with World Vision, we traveled to Kirindon, Kenya to train teachers on the Chekhov authoring solution for Windows devices. The first phase of the pilot was targeted towards content creation, and in 2016, the second phase focused on improving skill levels was kicked off.
As part of exploring the best ways to advance literacy and education in the developing world, we launched our first pilot in 2014 at Lesotho to create content in their local language, Sesotho. Here the approach is to use low cost Nokia phone devices to create eBooks.
Changing the world one book at a time
Once upon a time, in a land far far away...there lived a little mouse. The mouse lived in a tiny space between the walls of a grand house, and every day the mouse would hear the finest music come from the other side of the wall. The music was so pretty that the mouse was compelled to dance, and before he could stop himself, he was waltz ing out of his home and into the grand hall for all to see.
We're making reading more accessible
Literacy is the foundation of all learning, but unfortunately many children worldwide don't have the resources to develop strong literacy skills. Chekhov aims to change that; by using the Chekhov app anyone can create and record dynamic ebooks which can be read and listened to by learners across the globe. We're making reading more accessible to everyone.
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